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New Doctor Who Workout Plan

Are you a fat bum who needs to workout, but can’t seem to find the time due to all the Doctor Who that needs to be watched? Well worry no more! I have thought of a workout plan where you exercise while you watch some Doctor Who!

Doctor Uses the Sonic Screwdriver: 5 Jumping Jacks

20130529-104951.jpg Every time the Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver, stand up and do 5 jumping jacks.The last episode I watched he used the screwdriver around 7 times. That is a lot of jumping jacks!

The Companion Gets Into Trouble: 10 Pushups

20130529-105440.jpg Any time the companion gets into trouble, wether they get kidnapped or shot at. Perhaps even swallowed up by the ground, you do 10 pushups.

River Song flirts with the Doctor: 5 Squats

20130529-105651.jpg Your butt will look glorious by the end of season 6. You can switch with Rose flirting or any woman for that matter.

The Doctor Smiles: 10

20130529-105837.jpg The Doctors charming demeanor will help you with your rock hard abs! Every time the Doctor cracks a smile or even smirks, do 10 crunches.

Add some more sets to episodes! Have fun with it. By the end of each episode you will be tuckered out!


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1st Attempt at Watching Rise of the Cybermen

What a way to reintroduce the Cybermen. I went into this episode expecting to watch it the whole way through. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I died a little. When I realized that this has taken a piece of my soul, I had to stop watching. How can I let myself go in that manner? I simply cannot! So I will watch this two parter little by little. Each time a piece of me will probably die. I am a brave reviewer. Just trying to being the honest truth to the Whovians out there. Let’s discuss why this evil spawn of Satan is slowly killing me.

Lets start with the fact that the episode starts with the Doctor torturing Mickey. Oh, you disagree? He makes Mickey hold a button for 1 and a half hours. All the while the Doctor and Rose sit and laugh about past adventures they had without Mickey. How exactly is that not torture? Since when did the Doctor become a douche? This made me rethink the Doctors overall character. A little piece of my soul dissolved. A small piece. Not big enough for me to even notice. So I watched on.

Then a sliver of hope emerges. The Tardis breaks! The Doctor seems like it is all over. Has the Cybermen somehow beaten the Doctor?? This ought to be good!

20130527-221331.jpg Just kidding! It’s London! Modern day London! Modern day London in an alternate universe! Modern day London in an alternate universe where Rose’s dad is alive and very famous! I wanted to cry at that point. What had I done to deserve this horrible prank? Again a small section of my soul was killed. I noticed this time, but I knew it was just the beginning. I had to keep going. So I did.

They introduce Jackie. She is even more annoying than the normal Jackie. Again my soul cracked away. At this point I was numb to the pain. So I trudged on.

Rose realizes she doesn’t exist. She becomes a sad camper. Honestly, I am not sure if this was before or after Jackie was introduced. It really doesn’t matter because it isn’t like it makes the episode any better. Somehow Rose convinces the Doctor to visit her alternate version of her parents. Even though in the beginning the Doctor didn’t even want Rose looking at the alternate dad’s image. He just throws that out the window. At this point I had to stop. I have a wedding coming up. I have the rest of my life to look forward to. I wasn’t going to let this episode devour my soul in 1 hour! No, I can only take so much. So I turned it off. I will try to finish it tomorrow. If I am brave enough. God help me. God help us all.

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The Girl in the Fireplace- 3/10

This episode could have been really good. For once they were in space. In a spaceship! They just had to bring it back to Earth. At least it wasn’t set in the present.


20130527-181644.jpg I thought the androids were really creepy. The part where the Doctor notes how the clock was broken and yet he could still hear the ticking gave me the willies. It is rare to have moments like that in the new series. The clockwork was really cool for each of the androids. Whoever thought of that for the villain should get three gold stars. It is a really cool idea because they aren’t exactly evil. They are doing what was programmed in them.

20130527-182119.jpg Rose wasn’t too annoying in this episode. She acted like a companion and not a blubbering idiot who just chases after the Doctor. For once she was nice to Mickey. Normally she is an ├╝ber bitch to him.

20130527-182258.jpg I wouldn’t have minded Madame de Pompadour to be a companion. Actually, she would have been worse than Rose. Scratch that. I did enjoy her character though. I honestly didn’t mind her falling for the Doctor. It made sense because he was her saving grace over and over again. I only have a pet peeve with the Doctor having a romantic relationship with the companion. I find it a cop out.


20130527-182756.jpg There were way too many corny moments. The worst one was when the Doctor jumps through the mirror with the horse. It just made me roll my eyes.

Why are they back on Earth? Why can’t they just be on the ship? And why does the historical figure have to be famous? Why couldn’t it have been some random girl from that time? I know the ship was named after her, but come on.

The Doctor is an idiot in this episode. I am mainly referring to the end. He goes back and tells Madame de Pompadour to get her stuff together. The whole episode he has had issues with time flying by. Why in the hell would he think it was going to be any different that time? Even Rose knew what was going to happen! A 20 year old!

I hated how they made the Doctor out to be alone his whole life. Did they forget about Susan? Obviously he had a family at one point in time.

Honestly, I just could not take this episode seriously. The Doctor overused his Sonic Screwdriver, Mickey was an idiot, and there were too many mistakes that the Doctor made to be a Time Lord. It was an over the top attempt to have the Doctor have issues being a time traveller. We get it! He is lonely! Gosh!

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The Silurians- New vs. Old

As I was watching Doctor Who and the Silurians I pondered if I wanted to watch The Hungry Earth right after and compare stories. I gave in and let me tell you it is like night and day with these two story lines. There were a few similarities, but for the most part it was really like watching a totally different show.


The setting and location for the Silurians was the same. They were still underground, and had been in hibernation. Both places above ground were in rural farm type villages.

Another thing that both stories had were the beginnings took place mainly above ground and the last part of the story was below. I really enjoyed that, because it made the Silurians really mysterious.

Although the actual look for the Silurians were really different, the characteristics were the same. You had one who was opposed to sharing the Earth with the humans and wanted them to die painful deaths, then you had the leader who wanted peace. It ends up in both stories having the Silurian who hates the humans to go behind the leader’s back and try to start a war.

Both stories had a female who wanted to hunt and kill the Silurians. In The Hungry Earth it was Ambrose, in Doctor Who and the Silurians it was Miss Dawson. Both were equally annoying.



20130526-212436.jpg The costumes are obviously different. I can’t really pick a favorite because it would be unfair. The new one had better make up, but why wouldn’t they? I really do appreciate that they actually had a costume and make up in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood. They could have CGIed the whole thing. I honestly loved both.

20130526-212701.jpg The Doctor didn’t rely on anyone in the classic story line. He went on his own and did his own thing. I loved that. Why, in the name of all that is holy, would the Doctor leave a hostage Silurian with a woman who has her husband and child taken away from her? It seems to me that in the new series the Doctor does things that make zero sense. He makes thousands of stupid mistakes. It just isn’t realistic to me.

One big difference is the characters with the story. In The Hungry Earth we have a family who are researching, which includes a child. Oh yes, let’s throw a child in the episode to shake things up. That is totally creative. No one has ever seen THAT happen. At least in the classic story they are all adults and are not really attached to one another. I hate it when they surround the plot with people who have everything to loose if one of them ends up dying. It is an obvious drama inducer. I wish they would stop with it.

Obviously the fact that the new story revolves around the companions waaaaay too much! I do like the fact that they all split up and not get in trouble. The classic story does this as well. However, the classic doesn’t make things dramatic whenever the companion gets knocked out or gets into some kind of trouble.

One annoying difference I noticed was the use of the sonic screwdriver. In the classic story the Doctor actually looses the sonic screwdriver early on. I could not keep track of how many times the 11th Doctor used the screwdriver in The Hungry Earth. It is ridiculous! There is no way that screwdriver can do that many things!

Overall I really liked how they kept the overall feel of the Silurians when they reintroduced them. However, this experience really wasn’t that great because it just over emphasizes how much the show has changed.

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Attack of the Hormonal Females

I just read a bunch of tweets about how hot David Tennant is. I had to stop and ponder why I even follow people who like the show. I know what it will lead to. It is always the same thing. Whovians, especially female Whovians, have this way of annoying the shit out of me. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with them. Well, to me there is, why else would I hate them so much?

The problem is I am a woman. Not a girl. So therefore I am not going to act like a girl and have an orgasm every time the Doctor does something. Admit it they do. Every time. I am 24 going on 97. My best friend (aside from my fianc├ę)is my 87 year old grandmother. I can relate to her.

I had my fangirl days. Yes, picture it, the year is 2006 and I was a Stargate SG-1 fangirl. I had Michael Shanks all over my binder. I was still different though. I could give two shits about Michael Shanks himself. I didn’t know his favorite color or what he wears on Fridays. I was a silent fan girl. Eventually the show went bad and I got bitter. I turned into a real fan and now I appreciate the show for it’s awesomeness. This is not happening with the fangirls of Doctor Who. The “Whovians”.

What is it about them that annoys me so much? The shallowness of their appreciation. Take away the good looking cast and they would no longer be watching. Think about it. How many fangirls dress like Dodo? What about Zoe? Zoe is my favorite companion and I find that more people should dress like her.


Before I get a crap ton of people sending me comments I have to be clear on one thing. Every one annoys me. Every nerd out there annoys me. There are a select few that do not. Cough..cough..Sarah..cough..Ethan. Like I said, I am a big hermit. I do not band with fellow Whovians and nerds of the world. I sit in a bubble. I love my bubble. So don’t take this post the wrong way. If you are a fangirl good for you! Just stay far far far far far far away from me. I have already come to terms with the fact that I am the only one who hates Rose. Well Ethan does but I mean of course he does. He is my soul mate.

I am Rebecca Sutton. I watch Doctor Who, but by God do not call me a fangirl. Do not call me a fan. I am more than a fan and a fangirl. I am in awe of Doctor Who. It is more than a trend. It is a way of life to me. Just like Star Trek and just like every other show I watch.I see the plot and the costumes and make-up. I look at the set and props. It is more than the actors playing the Doctor. It is the supporting actors that play soldier #1. It is the sound effects and music being played. I am a dying breed.

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School Reunion- .00000000009479/ 10

This episode is a shame. It really depresses me in so many ways. So many great actors and character and they still manage to ruin it. Good job!


20130523-212934.jpg Anthony Head is brilliant in this episode. Just brilliant! I am a huge fan of his. The expression on his face when he would scream was spot on. You really did believe that he was the evil spawn of satan.

I really enjoyed the intro of this episode. I liked how they hooked you with the Doctor being the teacher. It really made you wonder what he was up to. Unfortunately, that sums up what I actually enjoyed with this episode.


You notice how I don’t have a list of things that I just hated? It is because it went straight to stuff making me want to slap someone.

20130523-213538.jpg First of all, they totally wasted Sarah Jane and K9 in this episode. They made Sarah Jane into a blubbering girl who was in love with the Doctor. That isn’t Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane holds her own! Fighting over the Doctor?! Really?! At least she returns to her old self at the end and refuses to go with them.

Don’t get me started about poor K9. He really is the symbol for the classic series in this episode. All rusty and “boring” to the younger people. Makes me so mad. They wasted his potential! He could have done so much more! I can’t even say anymore. It offends me that much. Blow him up?! How dare you!!

20130523-214036.jpg Rose is horrible in this episode. She needs to get over herself. She has the worst personality in the world and I seem to be the only one who sees it. That is why I am a hermit. I just can’t fathom why the writers made her that way. I am supposed to like the companion. Instead I just want to see her leave. The ending where she gets mad that Mickey is going with them is the bitchiest move I have ever seen anyone pull.

The added drama was so terrible. They went from a dull and boring episode with Tooth and Claw to adding a crap ton of drama in this episode. There has to be a balance and they can’t quite get it right in the newer series.

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Tooth and Claw- 6/10

This is one of Ethan’s favorite episodes. (If he has to pick from this season) Me? Not so much. It was lacking. I like the idea of a werewolf as the villain, but I didn’t like how they went about doing it. I can’t put my finger on it.

Hmmmmmmm…..give me a minute. Let me collect my thoughts. What did I like about this episode….well the not amused joke was pretty, it was the first time, by the 5th time I was done with it. Lets see….hmmmm..oh, I know! No Jackie and Mickey! That is always a plus! No drama either. Anytime there is lack of drama I will be tickled pink.


The busy camera was ridiculous in this episode. From panning to shaking the camera, I was getting woozy. I couldn’t concentrate on what was going on.

As I said, the lack of drama was a plus. However, the whole episode was so bland. I wasn’t excited at all. There was no suspense. By the end of it I was so bored. It wasn’t a compelling story at all. They could have done so much more with the story. I felt like they hardly did anything at all. It was almost like they didn’t know what to do with a story without the drama in it.

20130523-201111.jpg The CGI was atrocious. They ruined the creepiness with the werewolf with the crappy CGI. I hated the stock howl sound effect. It just made the whole episode cheap looking.


20130523-201834.jpg The Doctor and Rose smile during the whole episode. Like they are having so much fun watching people get eaten. I mean look at this!

20130523-202140.jpg The only time I saw the Doctor get serious was when he thought golden Rose was in trouble. They even laugh and hug about meeting a werewolf. They irritate me. The ending made me cringe when they went in the Tardis and howled. Why? Why put that in there? It is horrible.

I just can’t love this episode. It could have been great. It was almost like they wrote the episode in a day. It wasn’t rushed, just empty. I for one am not amused.