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Matt Smith Leaves Doctor Who

BBC has confirmed that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the Christmas Special. Chances are they already have a new Doctor picked. I am going to act like I know nothing of that and pretend that I am their casting agent. I have 5 picks for who I think should be the next Doctor.

#5) Eddie Izzard


This man steals every scene he is in. I think he would make a perfect Doctor. I know a lot of fangirls would pitch a bitch, but goodie for me. They would stop watching and we all win as Whovians. He was brilliant in the Riches and in Treasure Island. He was spot on in Across the Universe. Hell, he could pull off wearing a dress. Can you imagine the Doctor coming out of the Tardis looking like this?


That would make things interesting.

#4) Christopher Walken 


I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more sonic screwdriver! Do I really need to explain this one? I don’t think the public is ready for the  Walken to become the Doctor. All of our brains would explode and that would just be messy. Not to mention really painful. For now I can dream.

#3) Linda Hunt


She would be a female version of the William Hartnell. Now my fiance says that to cast a female as the Doctor would make the companion useless. I disagree. I think if was a writer, I would make the companion be an android. It would be a nice break from all the companions from Earth. It would be a lot less drama as well.

#2) John Hurt


When I saw him in the finale, I was thrilled. He is such a spot on pick for the Doctor. Oh, but he is soooo old!! Bleck! You notice all my picks are over the age of 40. I did that just so the fangirls will pick another show to leech on. They suck the goodness out of this show. John Hurt at the end of The Name of the Doctor was a sliver of hope. Could we have a Doctor that is realistic enough?

#1) Jim Broadbent


To me, he would be the perfect pick for the Doctor. I see him act and I think to myself how great he would be adventuring around in the Tardis. He could make his hair stick out kind of like an afro. Maybe his outfit could be a sweater vest. The new catchphrase could be “Sweater vests are cool”. (That will never happen in my lifetime. I am sad for that.)

Alas, this is the real world. Chances are the fangirls are going to win this battle. The Doctor will probably be someone under 30. God help us all if it ends up being this man…


We all need to say a Whovian prayer extra hard tonight.


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No Data on Phone= A Sad Blogger

I went over on my data usage again on my phone. Why does this matter? I don’t have internet where I live and I have to use my phone to write this blog. I can’t post anything on here starting on Monday. Luckily, I have my fiance’s wifi at his house for this week. I will try and post as many reviews and Doctor Who related awesomeness as much as I can. It is okay though, you all will live until next weekend. 


Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel- 0/10

Yes, I finally did it. I finally finished Rise of the Cybermen and continued on with The Age of Steel. I am a brave little reviewer. My eyes are sore from all the rolling they did. These episodes were so horrible. I can’t even count how many times I claimed that they were horrible while I was watching. Too much drama, little acting and a whole lot of CGI. Not my cup of tea to say the least. 



Let me start by saying I did not like the idea of the Cybermen just being a creation by a human on Earth. That is a slap in the face to the Cybermen. Why did they do that? Was the original Cybermen too “Classic Who”? Was it too sci-fi for people to take in? I just don’t understand why they changed that aspect. They tried to make an old villain new, but to me, you can’t have it both ways. Either keep the old Cybermen or make a new Cybermen, and think of a good reason why they are new. Even the latter I hate. Just leave them alone!  The marching sound effect was really annoying. I loved how one attempted to sneak up on the Doctor at one time. It is so obvious that it would not be able to do that with it’s loud ass metal clanging on the ground. 



Just Mickey alone makes me want to throw something. In these episodes there are two of them! It is pure torture. Especially when the “evil” or “bad boy” version does this stupid snarl the whole time he talks just to make sure you know he is not to be messed with. I can’t take that crap serious. 

In the beginning, the Cybermen electrocuted people. Towards the end electricity kills them. What?! How can you even act like that makes sense? There are so many examples of sloppy writing in this story line. I honestly don’t have enough time to mention all them. It would take about a week. 

In the end, the Doctor leaves without actually defeating the Cybermen. That is not like the Doctor. It is so out of character. Clearly they didn’t want to write a whole ending. Like he would leave the fate of the world on Mickey’s shoulders. Yeah. That totally makes sense. 



The Doctor just needs to leave Rose at home. She is so spoiled. Can I just say that she is the worst companion in the history of Doctor Who. First she was pissed that Mickey joined them. Then she didn’t want him to leave. In this whole episode she was upset because she didn’t exist in the alternate universe. Yes Rose, the universe does not revolve around you! She can’t handle being a companion. I mean she has to go home every 5 seconds. Then we have to deal with her mom. I just wish the Doctor would leave her.

My fiance told me that it doesn’t get any better. I honestly am dreading the rest of this season. I will be happy with just one episode getting a high rating. I don’t think it is going to happen though.