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Partners In Crime- 5/10

I used to love this episode. Watching it now, I really can’t see why. The whole idea of fat turning into aliens is really silly. The entire episode ends up being cartoonish. At least we get Donna back.


Donna is so awesome in this episode. She is going on her own investigating things. Even her family doesn’t irritate me. I still hate that they brought them into the equation though.


I loved the scene where Donna and the Doctor finally see each other. It makes me laugh every single time I see it. It never fails.



The scene where Donna catches up with the Doctor is really useless. It served no purpose other than adding drama to the episode.

The scene where Foster is just floating in midair after the ship drops her was horrible. It reminded me of the Road Runner cartoon. This whole episode had moments like this. They could have done a better job.



Why? Just why? I ask you, why must they do this to me?!

Now I am dreading this season due to the threat of Rose coming back. My life!


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The Poseidon Adventure Rip Off- 0/10

Honestly, the writers of this episodes had guts. It is so obvious that they based “Voyage of the Damned” off of The Poseidon Adventure. They didn’t even try to cover it up with anything. They just made the spin on the story with the ship being a space ship. 



There are so many things that irritate me about this episode. Let’s start with the Christmas references. I know it is the Christmas special and everything, but they got really sloppy with this one. On the ship there are songs, robotic angels, and even Christmas trees all around the ship. They manage to get those minor details right, but not the facts about the turkey feast and Santa Claus? Also, what is keeping Torchwood or Unit from blasting the ship from orbit? Don’t they typically keep an eye on Earth’s orbit? Especially during Christmas. We aren’t even at the meteor strike yet! I hated the little scene they did with the rich guy talking on the futuristic version of the outdated cell phone. I hate it when they put a time stamp on the show. It looks so silly now. 

The meteor strike scene was so cliche and stupid. I felt like I was watching a disaster movie from Sci Fi Channel. It doesn’t end there either. We are now stuck with a stereotypical group trying to escape with the Doctor. They are so transparent too. The jerk, the old guy, the romantic interest and the goofy couple. Did they just read a book about how to write a story? It is what it seems like to me.



I have to tell the truth, I couldn’t finish this episode. I have seen it before ages ago and I remember the ending,  which is horrible. The whole premise of this episode is horrible and that is the only thing that matters to me. I don’t feel like I should have to relive every bad moment of this episode just to write a grumpy review. It is getting to the point now where they just slap a stupid Christmas story together because that is the thing to do. 

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Last Sound of Utopia Time Drums- A Bulk Review of The Master

This is a review for the episodes Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and The Last of the Time Lords. Seeing as it is all one story, I will review it as a whole. Besides, I am lazy. This way is easier for me.

The story itself was pretty good. I liked the fact that they didn’t bring back the normal villains from the new series. I wish I had watched it when it aired. I would have crapped a brick finding out that The Master had returned. Spoilers suck. Being late on the fun sucks as well.


I really enjoyed the post apocalyptic feel to the episode. I am going through this phase, don’t judge me. It was simple, yet it felt believable.

Doctor Who 50 – Utopia  The Master

I loved how you slowly found out who the Professor really was. The scene with the watch kinda gave me chills.  Just a bit. Don’t look at me like that! Derek Jacobi is awesome as The Master. I really wish he wouldn’t have regenerated, but alas we can’t always get what we want.


To be fair, John Simm did a wonderful job as The Master as well. There were tons of times where I laughed at his jokes and I felt like his portrayal was believable. I just like Derek Jacobi better. I get tired of seeing young faces in Doctor Who.

Finally Martha Jones holds her own in this story. At first she was really annoying, but finally at the end she redeemed herself. I wish she had been like that during the whole series though.

Considering the fact that this was three episodes, that is really all that I loved of the story. Everything else was either really stupid or annoying.


I hate that we have to hear about Rose again. I want her to go away. It is getting old. The fact that Martha is jealous is getting old as well. We get it. She is in love with the Doctor. Stop punching me in the face with it.

Why is Martha’s family in this again?! Is there a rule somewhere that says they have to be in every single episode? It is this staple in the new series that I hate so much.



The ending was horrible. I am sorry, but the Doctor is not Jesus. That is exactly what it reminded me of. The little elf Doctor was horrible as well. Where did he get his little clothes from? Did they sew his suit just so he could wear his outfit?

The beginning was really good with this story, but once they returned to Earth it all went downhill. This is the norm for new Doctor Who episodes. They can’t have a story that is awesome from start to finish. Is it really that hard?

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42- 7/10

This episode was better than the previous episodes of the season. The only things I found wrong with this episode was little nit picky things.


42 (2)

I really liked the overall atmosphere. The gritty spaceship that is about to impact into a sun. I also liked the pacing of the episode. It was fast paced, but it didn’t feel rushed. It kept me interested.

The scene where the Doctor goes out and saves Martha was so unbelievable. It was so corny and they could have done it differently.



Why would they have a question about Elvis and the Beetles? I think they added this just so they can add Martha’s mom in the episode. I always hate when they do this.

Then she calls her mom again! Leave her alone! Ahhh!!

This episode surprised me in some aspects. I just wish they would stop adding the parentals to the equation.

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Human Nature-9.5/10

Finally I get a decent episode! I feel like I have been waiting for ages.


I loved the era the choose. Nothing was really going on, and no famous historical figure was in this episode. Mainly because the Doctor was human. Which I loved as well. It was a nice twist and I found that they managed it well.

I loved the alien spaceship and the aliens themselves. It was nice and simple. Nothing overdone and no over the top cgi.


I was tickled when Jessica Hynes showed up in this episode. I loved her in Spaced and Shaun of the Dead.

Martha yet again is pitiful. She does hold her own in this episode, but we are reminded of how in love she is with the Doctor. It is getting old!

The end scene was horrible. Why must they always choose and have it highlighted that the Doctor doesn’t feel the same way about Martha.

This is my favorite episode so far of the season. Blink is coming up soon, so it may be bumped down to my second favorite.

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Blink- 10/10

A ten! Yes, you read right, a ten! The big one-zero. This is how you properly do a Doctor Who episode! This is by far, one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Where to begin? It starts off catching my interest right off the bat. It keeps my attention throughout the whole episode as well. That is the way it should be.


This is really one of the freakiest episodes I have seen so far. The concept of statues moving when you take your eyes off them makes my skin crawl. Not only that, you can’t even blink! To make things worse, they can turn lights off. You can’t escape them! I also liked how you were sent back in time when they touched you.


The whole idea of having the Doctor interact through the DVDs was awesome. It was a good way to make it a “Doctor light” episode. It was definitely better than Love and Monsters that is for sure. I really enjoyed having to gradually find out what the Doctor was talking about on the DVD. At first it seemed like he was crazy, but in the end it all made sense.

I loved how you got bits and pieces as the episode progressed and it all came together in the end. I wish they made more stories like this.  This episode was really fun to watch. It was a breath of fresh air. Typically I end up just frustrated.

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The Family of Blood- 9/10

I didn’t like this episode as much as the first part. There were scenes that irritated me.



The actors that played the family of aliens were really awesome. They did a great job casting and it felt believable.

The fact that they made this story a two parter was a good choice. It wasn’t a story to be rushed.

I surprisingly liked how David Tennant portrayed the Doctor being a human. I liked that he was really unlikable and super serious. It shows his acting abilities. I found the end to be a bit over the top, but I guess who wouldn’t be a bit freaked to find that they are a lie?

I hate that they didn’t make Jessica Hynes be a companion. Having said that, it would have sucked even more to have her on board due to the stupid love triangle. I am torn on this to be honest. Let it simmer some more.

I didn’t have anything that really made my eyes twitch which is always a good sign.

This episode was really a good example of how to add drama into the show. It was a glimpse of what the Doctor would be like if he was human. Let’s all be thankful that he is not. It would be a whole other show if he was.