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The Day Of The Doctor

I was so scared I was going to hate the special. After hearing that David Tennant and Billie Piper were going to make an appearance I just knew it was going to be an epic fail. I was dead wrong and never have I been so happy about that.


Everything. Everything was wonderful in this special. The story was like a classic episode. There wasn’t any romantic elements involved and there was no Rose.

That’s right. Billie was an interface for The Moment. Thank baby Jesus for this. As soon as this happened, my faith was restored.

The three doctors together were awesome. They had great chemistry and I laughed countless times. John Hurt is a great addition to the Doctor. I really hope we see more of him somehow.

It was nice to see the cameo of the 13th Doctor. Yes, Capaldi makes an appearance and it is just for a second, but it is a wonderful second.

Every moment was wonderful and it really was all that I hoped for. I could watch it over and over again. I probably will. Who am I kidding?


Tom Baker’s appearance at the end. It gave me chills and I honestly found tears in my eyes. I have no idea why. Happiness I guess. Don’t judge me.


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An Adventure In Space And Time

I must be honest, I haven’t been following this docudrama up until the last few weeks until it aired. I am glad I did because I was pleasantly surprised by it. That is actually an understatement. I can’t find the words to describe how it made me feel. It is beyond amazing.

An Adventure In Space And Time gives us all a peek behind the scenes of how it all started. I was like a giddy child while watching this movie. The first time they played the intro, I jumped for joy. The sight of William Russell and Carole Ann Ford made me clap. Every little detail excited me like I was six. It makes me wish I was living during that time so I could have been there to witness the first airing.


They did a spot on job with the casting. David Bradley was amazing as William Hartnell. I really felt like I was back in 1963 watching them film the show.

Watching Hartnell deal with his health issues and having to leave the show that he loved so much has literally torn a hole in my heart. The last time I have experienced this much heartache from watching a movie was Where The Wild Things Are.

Why did this tear my soul up so much? Because I love William Hartnell’s portrayal of the Doctor. He reminds me of my grandmother. It is the laugh he does. She has the exact same chuckle. To see him cry and experience that heartbreak is like seeing my grandmother experience the same. I swear I am fighting back tears still. I am such a woman.

This movie was a real love letter to the fans of the classic series. I needed this. It was a breath of fresh air. It reminds me that some of the people making the show now still respect and appreciate the classic series. After watching this I have to go back and debate who my favorite Doctor is. If the 50th Anniversary Special is anything like An Adventure In Space And Time, we will be set for life.

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Photos From Day Of The Doctor Trailer

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Here are some photos from the 50th Anniversary Special. I was going to break it down and theorize what I thought was going to happen in the episode, but I can’t seem to get my thoughts down. There is so much going on in this trailer. I have a good idea of what may happen. I think John Hurt uses that jewel as a weapon, perhaps like Bad Wolf? Rose’s eyes are lit up, but I think that is from the jewel. Somehow the Zygons and the Daleks fight each other. I am not sure about this episode. I am excited/nervous. Share your thoughts!

Pins That Make Me Barf Part Two

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Pinterest is getting worse with the stupid fangirl pins. Now that the anniversary is getting near, it is like a plague spreading across the boards. Some examples? Do we dare? I say we must!


Yes, let’s highlight all the things that didn’t make sense in those seasons! I love how Rory was erased, but the Doctor was fine when he reached his hand in to grab the chunk of Tardis. It was so awesome though, so let us forget how little it made sense. We will make a pin out of it! Yippee!


Reading through the paragraph, blah, blah, blah. Been through so much stuff…lost his love twice. His love. His…love. *FACEPALM*


One can actually watch that crap and not cry. How do I know? Because I was too busy rolling my eyes. Companions leave! Get over it! Great googamoogle!

I was going to post more, but my Pinterest app literally crashed from all the bull crap being loaded onto it. No joke. Hasn’t done it before. Sorry phone.