Moo Moo Who Review

An honest take on Doctor Who

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Midnight- 7.5/10

Ah yes, the famous detour of death story line. As a horror fan I know this plot well. Take a detour, find death stalking you for the rest of the trip. So much for an awesome vacation. 



This is by far the creepiest episode I have seen in the new series. It is rare for me to enjoy an episode written by Davies. In this one he is spot on. The pacing was good, nothing was rushed. Everything made sense. No over the top drama. Well, there was some, but it was a different kind of drama. The right kind of drama. The knocking was a good touch and it stayed creepy during the whole episode. You don’t see a lot of shows that can do that. 

I also liked that it was a companion light episode.  



The acting in this episode was amazing. It is really the only reason why I rated it so high. I loved how they brought in the issue of how humans react in a high anxiety issue. We really act like idiots don’t we? 





Am I really supposed to believe that this was set in the future? There was nothing futuristic about this whole episode! They were wearing modern-day clothes, had ear buds for headphones. Even the coffee pot was normal! At least give us a cool coffee pot! Something! The fact that they didn’t even try with the set and costumes just took a lot out of the episode for me. 






For the love of God, can we please just have a season without Rose in it? Why is she still here?! This made the rating drop 2 points. Just her face. 


Overall it was a surprisingly great episode. I am really dreading the next story. It is going to be a doosie. 




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Guessing The Claws of Axos

It is time again for me to try and guess what the plot is about in the next episode of Classic Who. The episode I am guessing today is The Claws of Axos.


This image has me perplexed. It looks like aliens who love gooooollldd. Since the Doctor is trapped on Earth, they will probably be on a ship or underground somewhere.

This takes the rock lobster to a whole new level. So a rock lobster monster attacks the Doctor. I can’t wait!


So we have aliens who love goooold, rock lobster monster, and meatball men. This episode is going to be the best EVER!


Is the Master in this as well?? Maybe it is a different episode and Google is just being a douche. Let’s doo this!

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Forrest of the Dead- 8.5/10

As the conclusion to Silence in the Library, everything was explained all nice and neat. I wish things were like that now in the show. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the new series so far. I don’t have anything that I flat out hated. There were a few little nit picky things not even worth mentioning, so I am just going to name the positive things that were in the episode.


I loved the whole thought of Donna being “saved” in a huge hard drive. Everything seemed like a dream to her. The fact that she had to let go of her imaginary children really got to me. I was telling my husband how that would have ruined me if I had been her. Donna’s “husband” fading into the abyss and not knowing if he was real or not didn’t help much either. What a depressing thought. Depressing, but incredible.

The soundtrack to this episode was really awesome. It wasn’t over the top, and I wouldn’t mind listening to it at random times of the day.

I really liked that there wasn’t anything that didn’t make sense. I would bring something up and moments later it would be explained. Oh how Moffat has changed.

River Song was awesome in this episode. She wasn’t overly flirtatious and her plot made sense. We are left with questions as to who she is, but it wasn’t to confusing.

Overall this episode was top notch! The pacing was perfect. I really wish every story line was like this. I can dream I guess.

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Silence in the Library- 8/10

I had forgotten everything about this episode other than River Song makes her first appearance. It was like watching it for the first time and I actually enjoyed it. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are stuck on a world full of books. Pah! I hate books…



The overall plot was really creepy. I love the idea of an unstoppable enemy lurking in the shadows. The dark has always creeped me out. I also loved the look of the library. It wasn’t too over the top. 



This is probably the only story line where I didn’t mind River Song. Typically she is too flirtatious, so it is nice to see her in a serious manner. It was interesting to see this episode when I know who River Song is. Nothing really makes sense to me about her character, but it is still nice to go back and see how it all started. 

There were tons of parts that were eerie. It was like watching a classic episode. It wasn’t about making it safe for the kids to watch and I really appreciated that. 

Like I have said before, this whole story is drawing a blank in my mind. I am really anxious to see what exactly is CAL and how it ties in with the little girl. 





The repetitive lines at the end was really annoying. The fifth time I heard “Hey! Who turned out all the lights?!”, I wanted to scream. This is really the only complaint I have with the episode. Knowing me, that is pretty darn good. 


I am really excited to see how everything turns out in the conclusion for this story. I am glad that they chose to stretch it out into two parts instead of just one. It would have been a mess if they had not done so. 

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The Unicorn and the Wasp- 7/10

Right, this episode took me a good forever months to get through. I have no idea why. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about this particular story that made it so hard for me to watch. It wasn’t a boring story, and it didn’t have over the top drama added. I guess it will be a mystery. Speaking of mystery, let’s get on with the review. 




Donna was fantastic in this episode. She really did enjoy the whole murder mystery scene, didn’t she? From the magnifying glass to the charades while the Doctor was on the brink of death. It was all so wonderful and funny. My favorite part with Donna would have to be when she is eating grapes while Agatha Christie points out who the murderer is. She is so casual about it all.

The story itself was really well thought out. I didn’t see any obvious plot holes and I liked that there wasn’t any over the top drama to it. I also liked that the whole moral issue with the Doctor and Donna was put aside.  



I don’t understand why there has to be a famous historical figure in every single episode where they go back in the past. It gets old really fast. 



I really think the CGI was horrid in this episode. I do understand that there is not a lot you can do with a giant wasp. Going the puppet route would probably make things worse, but it doesn’t make me like the special effects any better. Poop is still going to smell like poop even when you justify why the poop is there. (That saying is copyright Rebecca White by the way.)

The buzzing of the priest when he turns was really silly to me. A bit nit picky perhaps, but it took a lot out of the ending for me. It made it cheap. 


I don’t have anything that made my eyes twitch, which is why it is getting a fairly high rating. I think overall it was a good story, I just wish I had finished it sooner. I feel like my reviews have cobwebs on them now.