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Comic Sidenote: Comics I Picked

My awesome friend went to a local comic book store on Free Comic Book Day and got me all that she could carry. Which was a lot. I just got done with reading all of them. Well I skimmed some. I picked 4 to start following.

1) Aphrodite IX


This is a really awesome comic. Two groups of “people” are at war with each other. One group is genetically mutated and the other uses cybernetic enhancements. While in battle one of the genetically altered soldier stumbles upon a woman with green hair in stasis. In the end of the issue you find out that she is an assassin. I highly enjoyed this comic. The artwork is amazing.

2) The Strangers


This one is basically like Mission Impossible except the team has super powers. The President of the Caribbean Island of Hidalgo starts acting strangely and the team go to investigate. It got me hooked at the end. I have to see what happens.

3) The Steam Engines of Oz


The Wizard of Oz with a steam punk twist. A young engineer of Emerald City must stop the Tin Man before the city takes over the whole world. I am a sucker for Oz.

4) 2000 AD


Oh man this is an awesome comic. It has a series of different science fiction comics including Judge Dredd. It had a huge variety of stories and I loved them all. If you love Tales From The Darkside then you would probably love this comic.

The only one I can order right now is 2000 AD. The others don’t come out till July. Also I have a grab bag coming in the mail this week. Perhaps I will add more comics to my list.