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New Doctor Who Workout Plan

Are you a fat bum who needs to workout, but can’t seem to find the time due to all the Doctor Who that needs to be watched? Well worry no more! I have thought of a workout plan where you exercise while you watch some Doctor Who!

Doctor Uses the Sonic Screwdriver: 5 Jumping Jacks

20130529-104951.jpg Every time the Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver, stand up and do 5 jumping jacks.The last episode I watched he used the screwdriver around 7 times. That is a lot of jumping jacks!

The Companion Gets Into Trouble: 10 Pushups

20130529-105440.jpg Any time the companion gets into trouble, wether they get kidnapped or shot at. Perhaps even swallowed up by the ground, you do 10 pushups.

River Song flirts with the Doctor: 5 Squats

20130529-105651.jpg Your butt will look glorious by the end of season 6. You can switch with Rose flirting or any woman for that matter.

The Doctor Smiles: 10

20130529-105837.jpg The Doctors charming demeanor will help you with your rock hard abs! Every time the Doctor cracks a smile or even smirks, do 10 crunches.

Add some more sets to episodes! Have fun with it. By the end of each episode you will be tuckered out!