Moo Moo Who Review

An honest take on Doctor Who

Rebecca the Grumpy Whovian

My name is Rebecca and welcome to my Doctor Who blog! I am not your typical Doctor Who fan. There are a huge amount of new episodes that I despise and I am not afraid to say so. One of my biggest complaints is how different the new series is from the classic. Having said that, I give credit to where it is due. I am not unfair and biased. The 9th Doctor was my first Doctor. I can’t be biased.

I also love comics, Star Trek trading cards and many other geeky things. My blog is named after my dog Marley. I call her Moo Moo.


Doctor Who is what brought my fiancé and me together. He introduced me to the classic series and I will be in debt to him for a lifetime because of that. We are getting married on August the 10th. I can’t wait!



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