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The Doctor’s Wife 7/10

It has been a while since I have done a review for Doctor Who. Let me tell you I feel spoiled going back and watching the older episodes. Dare I say that Amy and Rory aren’t that bad of companions. This new season of Doctor Who is so horrible that I have gone soft on the previous seasons.

Things that I loved:


I really like the idea that the Tardis is alive. It reminds me of my relationship with my car. I secretly think that my Mazda has a soul. I know I am not the only who thinks the same thing.

The overall feel of this episode was enjoyable. It was not too dark, but not too over the top Tim Burtonish. Yeah I just made that word up. It was a nice balance and I really liked it.

Like I said before, I actually miss Amy and Rory. Clara is absolutely horrible to me. So horrible that she makes Amy and Rory look like perfect companions.

Another thing I miss is the Doctor trying to figure stuff out on his own. Now a days he is too dependent of the companion. In this episode it felt like the companions were actually the companions! What a concept! They should do that more often.

I loved the fact that there was a Tardis junkyard and that they built a Tardis out of scraps. That is my kind of work right there!

The best part I think was when Amy kept seeing Rory age. It was a cool idea and they pulled it off very well.

Things I hated:

Right off the bat I hated the music. It was too goofy to me, it slowly got less annoying as the episode went on, so it wasn’t too horrible.

Idris copy

The atmosphere was good, but they tried way to hard with the woman who ended up being the Tardis. She looked too much like Helena Bonham Carter. It felt so forced to be like a Tim Burton movie. You have to just let it happen. Let it be subtle.

The scene where the Doctor scanned Tardis was silly to me. To this day I want to know what he sees when he looks at the screwdriver. It is too small for it to say anything. How does he know what the results are? It is nitpicky I know, but it just irks me.

Yet again we find another death scene of Rory. He is like Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. Does the writers have a game going on to see how many times they can kill him? It sure does feel that way.

Nothing really made my eyes twitch in this episode. Which is surprising. I honestly enjoyed the story and all the things I hated were really nitpicky.

Overall I give this a 7/10. I could watch this one again unlike any of the newer episodes.




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The Curse of the Black Spot- 5/10

You would think this episode would be really good. Aliens, pirates, and sirens? Count me in! Right? I wish it had been like that. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge dud.  





I loved the aspect of the siren being a virtual doctor who is stuck on a ghost spaceship. It is a shame that they only added this to the last five minutes of the episode. It could have been so awesome to see more about the aliens who died. They really should have done more.





The pirate theme was so boring and bland. It is overused now that we have a billion Pirates of the Caribbean movies out. Even the music closely resembles the score from the Pirates movies. It was too sugar coated. No one dies, no one even bleeds. They did a close up of Rory’s hand where he had been cut and it wasn’t even bleeding! It looked like a week old cut that was starting to heal. 

Another issue I had with this episode was the unnecessary drama. They didn’t have to have the son in this episode. It is so obvious they did this for added drama. It had more drama in it than the actual sci-fi part. You can’t even really call this story sci-fi. It didn’t get that way until they introduced the ghost ship at the end. 

My husband has been in a debate with fellow Whovians about whether or not Doctor Who is considered fantasy. This is a good example of the show turning into a fantasy. Which I find a shame. The writers have forgotten what Doctor Who is really about. So now we get this mess of a story. 



Rory dies again. How many times can one man die in a show? This did not need to happen. They could have made the ending just as exciting, if not more exciting, if they would have chosen a different direction. 

At what point is the show going to stop trying to be something it isn’t to reel in newer fans? It even has this new intro where Amy narrates. The actual intro is way overdone with lightning and a storm cloud. Why can’t we just have simple exciting sci-fi story lines anymore? Why does it have to be about Amy and Rory and how in love they are? 

This has been an ongoing problem with the new series and this episode is an excellent example of what is wrong with Doctor Who now. 

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The Day of the Moon- 7.5/ 10

The first part of the Silence story was far better than this conclusion. My head was spinning from all the stuff that was going on.



The marks were a nice touch. The scene where Amy is trapped in the room with Silence was extra creepy.

Amy having a baby is a really nice twist if I am looking at this as if I was watching for the first time. Knowing what actually happens kind of ruins it because I hate the outcome so much. It is a good way to reel you into the episode more though.

I loved the how the Doctor saved the day at the end. It was really creative and you didn’t know what he was doing at first. I liked how all the crazy things came together in the end.


River Song jumping off the building into the Tardis’ pool was over the top and silly. She was a lot more flirtatious and annoying in this episode.

The love triangle between Amy, Rory and the Doctor is getting really old. I wish they would leave all that out. It seems so irrelevant to me.

Like I said before, there was way too much going on at such a fast pace. Half of the time I was so confused what was going on. I wish they would have made things a little slower and cut out the romantic bits. That would have made things great.



Oh, you know I was going to mention the kiss. How could I not? It makes me want to barf!

Overall this episode was pretty good. Not as great as the first half, but it makes the series seem like it is going to be exciting. Oh, if only it had been.

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The Impossible Astronaut- 9/10

I had to see this episode as if I haven’t seen the rest of series six. By itself it is an amazing episode. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Where to begin? The beginning I guess. The death scene of the Doctor was great. It was sudden and they didn’t dwell. He got shot, Amy cried, they burned his body, and they moved on. This is how it should be.


I am a huge fan of Mark Sheppard. Yes, I watch Supernatural, and Crawley is my favorite character. Don’t judge me. I forgot he was in this episode so it was a nice surprise.

Even River Song wasn’t that bad in this episode. She wasn’t overly flirtatious.

I enjoyed the scene where the Doctor is sneaking up to Nixon in the oval office. It was when the Doctor wasn’t a bumbling fool and you could enjoy his quirkiness. They have ruined that now.


God, remember how awesome the Silence was at first? Sneaking up on you and you couldn’t remember them when you looked away? They were so scary. Sigh, those were the days.


The opening scene with the Doctor hiding naked under the woman’s dress was silly and unnecessary. I feel like it was an excuse to get the fangirls drooling.


Like I said before, River Song wasn’t overly flirtatious in this episode. However, when she did flirt it was horrible. It made me cringe every time.

I don’t have anything that made my eyes twitch. It had be at the edge of my metaphorical seat the whole episode.

I am excited for the next part of this story. I don’t remember a lot which is for the best. It will be like I am watching it for the first time again.

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The End of Time Part 2- Negative Infinity/10

This was by far the most drawn out episode I have ever witnessed in my whole entire life. I have never seen an episode in a show that has just stretched scenes out with drama and unnecessary fluff. 




Each scene in this episode could have been cut by a good five minutes. The laser scene, the Doctor choosing who to shoot, don’t get me started on when the Doctor has a hissy fit. 

I don’t understand why they decided to dwell on some of the aspects of this episode. The arc itself was already boring to me from the start. Going into this second part I was already tired of the story. At least I don’t have to deal with the 10th Doctor anymore.

I had to skip over him having a hissy about having to sacrifice himself to save Wilfred. It was so out of character to me. Not only did he have a hissy, he had it in front of Wilfred. Even if the Doctor tells him it is alright, he is still going to feel guilty over that. Since when has the Doctor been so narcissistic?

The whole ending was horrible as well. I had to skip over that part as well. I have seen it before and I remember wanting to puke when it got to Rose.

My eyes need a break from all the rolling they have done. My brain needs a break from all the crap it has had to endure. On to the sixth series. Thank Glob I am done with the 10th Doctor. Hate me all you want, I am happy.  

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The End of Time Part 1- 2/10

This episode was tiresome. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. It just exists. The Master comes back which should be exciting, but it’s not. Mainly because of the plot surrounding his return. 





Wilfred is so amazing as a companion. I really wish they would have had him on the show more. If only they had more companions like him now. Instead we have Clara..





What have they done to the Master? He used to be this awesome character who was not to be messed with. Now he has magical powers and eats a lot. He has been turned into a comic relief. The fact that there is now hundreds of Masters isn’t even scary. The whole idea is silly. It makes it worse to see him in a skirt and heels. Why can’t they take his character serious? They have done that with all the classic parts of the show now. They are all now silly. 





What was the point of having these aliens in the story? Do they serve any purpose other than making things stupid? They are totally pointless and really dumbs down and already stupid episode. 

I have nothing else to say about this episode. That is how much I think of it. Even the Time Lords at the end couldn’t save this story for me. 

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Planet of the Dead- 6.5/10

This was the first time I have seen this episode. For some reason it has always avoided my eyes. It has been well hidden from me and I was really excited to watch it. I am honestly on the fence about how I feel about this episode. There were things that I loved, but at the same time I felt my eyes were constantly wanting to roll.



The story itself was great and very creative. There weren’t a lot of plot holes and everything seemed to be explained. Nothing was rushed and I really enjoyed the overall feel of the episode.

I really loved the dialog in this one. I found myself laughing at what was being said which doesn’t happen a lot in the newer series.



There were way too many silly scenes in this episode. For example, it is really hard for me to believe that the guards wouldn’t look behind them to see a woman coming down from the ceiling. They would have to be the stupidest guards not to notice the sound of the rope or not get that feeling that something was going on behind them. Why were they so keen on not looking at the cup. It was almost like they thought they would be turned to stone if they did. I just thought that whole scene was unbelievable.

Another silly scene was at the very end when Christina flies away in the bus. I highly doubt Unit is going to let anyone just fly around London in a bus willy nilly like that. Especially a thief who is on the run from the police. Think of what she could do with that bus!



The banter between the Doctor and Christina was disgusting. How many times can we hear that they are a perfect match or that they are made for each other? Why can’t we have a companion that just hangs out with the Doctor? Why do we have to have that sexual tension? They use that as a crutch now and it is getting old.

Don’t get me started on the kiss. My eyes are sore from how much they were rolling during that scene. I think they were rolling so fast that I made my own little wormhole.

The romantic link between Christina and the Doctor ruined this episode for me. It is so frustrating because it was such a great plot. It could have gotten a higher score if they would have just left that romantic crap behind.