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The Impossible Astronaut- 9/10

I had to see this episode as if I haven’t seen the rest of series six. By itself it is an amazing episode. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Where to begin? The beginning I guess. The death scene of the Doctor was great. It was sudden and they didn’t dwell. He got shot, Amy cried, they burned his body, and they moved on. This is how it should be.


I am a huge fan of Mark Sheppard. Yes, I watch Supernatural, and Crawley is my favorite character. Don’t judge me. I forgot he was in this episode so it was a nice surprise.

Even River Song wasn’t that bad in this episode. She wasn’t overly flirtatious.

I enjoyed the scene where the Doctor is sneaking up to Nixon in the oval office. It was when the Doctor wasn’t a bumbling fool and you could enjoy his quirkiness. They have ruined that now.


God, remember how awesome the Silence was at first? Sneaking up on you and you couldn’t remember them when you looked away? They were so scary. Sigh, those were the days.


The opening scene with the Doctor hiding naked under the woman’s dress was silly and unnecessary. I feel like it was an excuse to get the fangirls drooling.


Like I said before, River Song wasn’t overly flirtatious in this episode. However, when she did flirt it was horrible. It made me cringe every time.

I don’t have anything that made my eyes twitch. It had be at the edge of my metaphorical seat the whole episode.

I am excited for the next part of this story. I don’t remember a lot which is for the best. It will be like I am watching it for the first time again.