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Planet of the Dead- 6.5/10

This was the first time I have seen this episode. For some reason it has always avoided my eyes. It has been well hidden from me and I was really excited to watch it. I am honestly on the fence about how I feel about this episode. There were things that I loved, but at the same time I felt my eyes were constantly wanting to roll.



The story itself was great and very creative. There weren’t a lot of plot holes and everything seemed to be explained. Nothing was rushed and I really enjoyed the overall feel of the episode.

I really loved the dialog in this one. I found myself laughing at what was being said which doesn’t happen a lot in the newer series.



There were way too many silly scenes in this episode. For example, it is really hard for me to believe that the guards wouldn’t look behind them to see a woman coming down from the ceiling. They would have to be the stupidest guards not to notice the sound of the rope or not get that feeling that something was going on behind them. Why were they so keen on not looking at the cup. It was almost like they thought they would be turned to stone if they did. I just thought that whole scene was unbelievable.

Another silly scene was at the very end when Christina flies away in the bus. I highly doubt Unit is going to let anyone just fly around London in a bus willy nilly like that. Especially a thief who is on the run from the police. Think of what she could do with that bus!



The banter between the Doctor and Christina was disgusting. How many times can we hear that they are a perfect match or that they are made for each other? Why can’t we have a companion that just hangs out with the Doctor? Why do we have to have that sexual tension? They use that as a crutch now and it is getting old.

Don’t get me started on the kiss. My eyes are sore from how much they were rolling during that scene. I think they were rolling so fast that I made my own little wormhole.

The romantic link between Christina and the Doctor ruined this episode for me. It is so frustrating because it was such a great plot. It could have gotten a higher score if they would have just left that romantic crap behind.