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The Day of the Moon- 7.5/ 10

The first part of the Silence story was far better than this conclusion. My head was spinning from all the stuff that was going on.



The marks were a nice touch. The scene where Amy is trapped in the room with Silence was extra creepy.

Amy having a baby is a really nice twist if I am looking at this as if I was watching for the first time. Knowing what actually happens kind of ruins it because I hate the outcome so much. It is a good way to reel you into the episode more though.

I loved the how the Doctor saved the day at the end. It was really creative and you didn’t know what he was doing at first. I liked how all the crazy things came together in the end.


River Song jumping off the building into the Tardis’ pool was over the top and silly. She was a lot more flirtatious and annoying in this episode.

The love triangle between Amy, Rory and the Doctor is getting really old. I wish they would leave all that out. It seems so irrelevant to me.

Like I said before, there was way too much going on at such a fast pace. Half of the time I was so confused what was going on. I wish they would have made things a little slower and cut out the romantic bits. That would have made things great.



Oh, you know I was going to mention the kiss. How could I not? It makes me want to barf!

Overall this episode was pretty good. Not as great as the first half, but it makes the series seem like it is going to be exciting. Oh, if only it had been.


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The Impossible Astronaut- 9/10

I had to see this episode as if I haven’t seen the rest of series six. By itself it is an amazing episode. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Where to begin? The beginning I guess. The death scene of the Doctor was great. It was sudden and they didn’t dwell. He got shot, Amy cried, they burned his body, and they moved on. This is how it should be.


I am a huge fan of Mark Sheppard. Yes, I watch Supernatural, and Crawley is my favorite character. Don’t judge me. I forgot he was in this episode so it was a nice surprise.

Even River Song wasn’t that bad in this episode. She wasn’t overly flirtatious.

I enjoyed the scene where the Doctor is sneaking up to Nixon in the oval office. It was when the Doctor wasn’t a bumbling fool and you could enjoy his quirkiness. They have ruined that now.


God, remember how awesome the Silence was at first? Sneaking up on you and you couldn’t remember them when you looked away? They were so scary. Sigh, those were the days.


The opening scene with the Doctor hiding naked under the woman’s dress was silly and unnecessary. I feel like it was an excuse to get the fangirls drooling.


Like I said before, River Song wasn’t overly flirtatious in this episode. However, when she did flirt it was horrible. It made me cringe every time.

I don’t have anything that made my eyes twitch. It had be at the edge of my metaphorical seat the whole episode.

I am excited for the next part of this story. I don’t remember a lot which is for the best. It will be like I am watching it for the first time again.

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Forrest of the Dead- 8.5/10

As the conclusion to Silence in the Library, everything was explained all nice and neat. I wish things were like that now in the show. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the new series so far. I don’t have anything that I flat out hated. There were a few little nit picky things not even worth mentioning, so I am just going to name the positive things that were in the episode.


I loved the whole thought of Donna being “saved” in a huge hard drive. Everything seemed like a dream to her. The fact that she had to let go of her imaginary children really got to me. I was telling my husband how that would have ruined me if I had been her. Donna’s “husband” fading into the abyss and not knowing if he was real or not didn’t help much either. What a depressing thought. Depressing, but incredible.

The soundtrack to this episode was really awesome. It wasn’t over the top, and I wouldn’t mind listening to it at random times of the day.

I really liked that there wasn’t anything that didn’t make sense. I would bring something up and moments later it would be explained. Oh how Moffat has changed.

River Song was awesome in this episode. She wasn’t overly flirtatious and her plot made sense. We are left with questions as to who she is, but it wasn’t to confusing.

Overall this episode was top notch! The pacing was perfect. I really wish every story line was like this. I can dream I guess.

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Silence in the Library- 8/10

I had forgotten everything about this episode other than River Song makes her first appearance. It was like watching it for the first time and I actually enjoyed it. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are stuck on a world full of books. Pah! I hate books…



The overall plot was really creepy. I love the idea of an unstoppable enemy lurking in the shadows. The dark has always creeped me out. I also loved the look of the library. It wasn’t too over the top. 



This is probably the only story line where I didn’t mind River Song. Typically she is too flirtatious, so it is nice to see her in a serious manner. It was interesting to see this episode when I know who River Song is. Nothing really makes sense to me about her character, but it is still nice to go back and see how it all started. 

There were tons of parts that were eerie. It was like watching a classic episode. It wasn’t about making it safe for the kids to watch and I really appreciated that. 

Like I have said before, this whole story is drawing a blank in my mind. I am really anxious to see what exactly is CAL and how it ties in with the little girl. 





The repetitive lines at the end was really annoying. The fifth time I heard “Hey! Who turned out all the lights?!”, I wanted to scream. This is really the only complaint I have with the episode. Knowing me, that is pretty darn good. 


I am really excited to see how everything turns out in the conclusion for this story. I am glad that they chose to stretch it out into two parts instead of just one. It would have been a mess if they had not done so. 

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The Big Bang- ?/10

The question mark represents what I was doing the whole time I was watching this episode. Nothing made sense. Yet again I can’t really review this because I am not able to really understand the episode at all.

During this time of the episode, Rory is the auton. He was made by whomever it was that trapped the Doctor. Shouldn’t he be made of stone like the other roman autons? Speaking of stone, why are they even turning into stone? Shouldn’t they just disappear? Why is the pandorica not stone?

Reality slowly starts to dwindle away while they are in the museum. How did the Doctor manage to go back in time to anything just minutes before? Why is earth so special anyway? And why is reality starting to dwindle right at that moment?


River Song says that the Doctor will be trapped on the other side of the wall and will cease to exist. The Doctor explains to Amy that she can make things appear due to the universe leaking in her room all those years ago due to the crack in the wall. When he goes into the exploding Tardis, he sees time being rewound. He tells Amy to remember. Finally, when she is a girl, he goes into the crack and it seals. There is no crack then. She didn’t get all those years of the universe to leak on her. Therefore, she has no ability to make people appear. So how does she make the Doctor appear? Also why does she wake up and ends up surprised by having parents? Didn’t she end up having them all those years because time was fixed? Where did River Song come from?! Who wrote this?!! Ahhhh!!! My brain is melting!!

This episode is a mess. It really hurts to watch it.

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The Pandorica Opens- 5/10

This episode really gave me a headache. Instead of doing my normal review, I am just going to ask a bunch of questions that formed in my mind as I watched.


20130818-170116.jpg So, the Rory in this episode is actually a plastic robot (even though they make a metallic noise) waiting to mess things up. They created him from a photo in Amy’s room. Why does he remember anything that happened after the photo? And why is he the only one that is awake while being controlled? He shoots Amy and is conscious of it. Why? He isn’t really Rory. This makes no sense to me.


Rory kills a cyberman that was attacking Amy. No one was in the suit. I thought that there had to be someone in the suit for it to work. So how is this one moving?



In the end, River Song opens the Tardis doors and sees a stone wall. What does this mean??? Where is she? Why is there so many darn questions?!

Is it so hard to have an episode where we can just view and enjoy it? I get wanting a little mystery for the next episode but crapadoo! My head literally hurts now!

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The Time of Angels- 9.5/ 10

Oh, the Weeping Angels are back! This was a two-parter. I really applaud them for making it that way because it was a really great decision.

20130806-221814.jpg The Weeping Angels are by far one of the creepiest villains of Doctor Who. They just took it one step further in this episode. What would happen if even an image of a Weeping Angel could come to life? Who’s to say it isn’t going to come out of the tv as you watch this episode now? Brilliant! It makes you scared to keep watching it. You know it isn’t true, but is it worth the risk? Of course!
20130806-222136.jpg Iaian Glen is awesome in this episode. Okay, I am biased because I watch Game of Thrones. So sue me!

20130806-222341.jpg I love it when an episode has to do with ancient ruins or some sort of temple. It is why I liked The Satan’s Pit. The atmosphere of the cave and the statues all around really added to the creepiness.

Like I said before, the pacing of the story was spot on. It unraveled at a steady pace to where you were intrigued at all times.


They were prodding me again with a romantic sub-plot. They are stuck with Weeping Angels and all they can talk about is River Song’s relationship with the Doctor?! Really?! This has got to stop! This episode was so close to being perfect!


20130806-222912.jpg I really despise the way they made River Song. This character deserves so much more than what they give her. She is smart and can kick total butt. We see that constantly. Why must they make her overly seductive and flirtatious all the time? The beginning was brutal for me just because of how bad her flirting is. Thankfully they dulled it down a bit as the episode progressed. This is why the rating is still high.

Even with the minor irritations in this episode, it still manages to be awesome. I am really excited to see the conclusion. Remember, don’t blink!