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The Doctor’s Wife 7/10

It has been a while since I have done a review for Doctor Who. Let me tell you I feel spoiled going back and watching the older episodes. Dare I say that Amy and Rory aren’t that bad of companions. This new season of Doctor Who is so horrible that I have gone soft on the previous seasons.

Things that I loved:


I really like the idea that the Tardis is alive. It reminds me of my relationship with my car. I secretly think that my Mazda has a soul. I know I am not the only who thinks the same thing.

The overall feel of this episode was enjoyable. It was not too dark, but not too over the top Tim Burtonish. Yeah I just made that word up. It was a nice balance and I really liked it.

Like I said before, I actually miss Amy and Rory. Clara is absolutely horrible to me. So horrible that she makes Amy and Rory look like perfect companions.

Another thing I miss is the Doctor trying to figure stuff out on his own. Now a days he is too dependent of the companion. In this episode it felt like the companions were actually the companions! What a concept! They should do that more often.

I loved the fact that there was a Tardis junkyard and that they built a Tardis out of scraps. That is my kind of work right there!

The best part I think was when Amy kept seeing Rory age. It was a cool idea and they pulled it off very well.

Things I hated:

Right off the bat I hated the music. It was too goofy to me, it slowly got less annoying as the episode went on, so it wasn’t too horrible.

Idris copy

The atmosphere was good, but they tried way to hard with the woman who ended up being the Tardis. She looked too much like Helena Bonham Carter. It felt so forced to be like a Tim Burton movie. You have to just let it happen. Let it be subtle.

The scene where the Doctor scanned Tardis was silly to me. To this day I want to know what he sees when he looks at the screwdriver. It is too small for it to say anything. How does he know what the results are? It is nitpicky I know, but it just irks me.

Yet again we find another death scene of Rory. He is like Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. Does the writers have a game going on to see how many times they can kill him? It sure does feel that way.

Nothing really made my eyes twitch in this episode. Which is surprising. I honestly enjoyed the story and all the things I hated were really nitpicky.

Overall I give this a 7/10. I could watch this one again unlike any of the newer episodes.




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The Big Bang- ?/10

The question mark represents what I was doing the whole time I was watching this episode. Nothing made sense. Yet again I can’t really review this because I am not able to really understand the episode at all.

During this time of the episode, Rory is the auton. He was made by whomever it was that trapped the Doctor. Shouldn’t he be made of stone like the other roman autons? Speaking of stone, why are they even turning into stone? Shouldn’t they just disappear? Why is the pandorica not stone?

Reality slowly starts to dwindle away while they are in the museum. How did the Doctor manage to go back in time to anything just minutes before? Why is earth so special anyway? And why is reality starting to dwindle right at that moment?


River Song says that the Doctor will be trapped on the other side of the wall and will cease to exist. The Doctor explains to Amy that she can make things appear due to the universe leaking in her room all those years ago due to the crack in the wall. When he goes into the exploding Tardis, he sees time being rewound. He tells Amy to remember. Finally, when she is a girl, he goes into the crack and it seals. There is no crack then. She didn’t get all those years of the universe to leak on her. Therefore, she has no ability to make people appear. So how does she make the Doctor appear? Also why does she wake up and ends up surprised by having parents? Didn’t she end up having them all those years because time was fixed? Where did River Song come from?! Who wrote this?!! Ahhhh!!! My brain is melting!!

This episode is a mess. It really hurts to watch it.

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The Pandorica Opens- 5/10

This episode really gave me a headache. Instead of doing my normal review, I am just going to ask a bunch of questions that formed in my mind as I watched.


20130818-170116.jpg So, the Rory in this episode is actually a plastic robot (even though they make a metallic noise) waiting to mess things up. They created him from a photo in Amy’s room. Why does he remember anything that happened after the photo? And why is he the only one that is awake while being controlled? He shoots Amy and is conscious of it. Why? He isn’t really Rory. This makes no sense to me.


Rory kills a cyberman that was attacking Amy. No one was in the suit. I thought that there had to be someone in the suit for it to work. So how is this one moving?



In the end, River Song opens the Tardis doors and sees a stone wall. What does this mean??? Where is she? Why is there so many darn questions?!

Is it so hard to have an episode where we can just view and enjoy it? I get wanting a little mystery for the next episode but crapadoo! My head literally hurts now!

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Amy’s Choice- 2/10

Oh, this was such a drama fest. It was 99% drama, 1% Doctor Who. It is almost like they wrote this episode around the drama they wanted to create.


I hate this love triangle with Amy. Who cares?! Is she really that great? I don’t think she is. They should both drop her if you ask me.

They are trying way to hard to show the Doctor’s vulnerable side in this episode. Why does he have to have human qualities for the audience to relate to him?

They did a really good job at casting Toby Jones as the Dream Lord. Too bad it doesn’t make up for anything in this episode.

I really don’t have anything else to say about this horrible episode. I don’t care who Amy likes better. She can eat a pickled egg.

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The Vampires of Venice- 6/10

I am on the fence with this episode. I honestly can’t decide to hate it or love it. There are so many things that I hated about it, but it doesn’t seem to irritate me like the other episodes.



I thought the costumes were amazing in this episode. They were all flawless to me. I love the deep red and purples they used. I also love the overall atmosphere of the episode. I liked the fact that it was in the past, but not a fixed event in time. I get really tired how they just happen to show up for a holiday or famous event in time. This episode shows that you don’t have to do that for it to be an exciting plot.

I liked the spin on the whole vampire thing. I get really tired of seeing vampire stuff all over. It was nice to see that they were just really fish.


The little nod to the First Doctor was awesome. I mean, need I say more? It is always nice to see past Doctors popping up every once in a while.


Why is all this drama added? An even better question is why is Rory still with Amy? Is he just used to being pushed around by her? She is such a bad person. Not to mention a good role model for girls. She is so mean to Rory and just openly flirts with the Doctor. How is that likable? I honestly hate that I am even discussing this. This should not even be in the darn show!


The scene where they are debating who should go with Amy was torturous. That did not to be in there. Another was the, “my light is smaller than yours” scene. I hate sexual innuendoes in Doctor Who. It just makes me angry more than anything.

I really am starting to hate Amy. Why are they making her so horrible? She was so awesome at first. They are doing the same with Clara. Is it so hard to make a likable companion now a days?

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Flesh and Stone- 9/10

This was so close to being a perfect rating. Then the ending messed it all up. Typically I start with the positives, but I am going to start with the negatives on this one.



Why did they make Amy a cheater? To me, it makes her really unlikeable. I hate cheaters. From this moment on I honestly don’t care if Amy lives or dies. I feel like this was so forced. It doesn’t fit in the episode at all. If she is so unhappy with Rory, why even go back at all?

Another thing that irritates me is the fact that everything has to do with the companion now. Why can’t they just tag along anymore?


There are so many things about this episode that was awesome. River Song wasn’t too flirtatious. The Angels were extra creepy.


I really enjoyed the fact that Amy had to keep her eyes closed during the majority of the episode. How upsetting is the idea of a Weeping Angel being stuck in your brain? The scene where she had to act like she could see was extra exciting to me.

The Doctor loosing his temper is always a favorite with mine. I love to see him get really really pissed off. If I were having to deal with all that stuff I would be the same way.

This episode was almost perfect from beginning to end. It really is a shame that they had to ruin it with the romantic subplot.

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The Eleventh Hour- 9/10

This episode was so wonderful up until the very end. I didn’t even mind that it was set on modern day Earth.


Let’s start with the reincarnation of the Doctor. Matt Smith does such a great job in this episode. His performance was more believable than Tennant’s. I know blasphemy. I am just being honest. To me, the Doctor is strange. He is alien after all. Tennant was too human for me. Eccelston was borderline believable. They still did a great job, don’t get me wrong. Still though, there was something just not there for me with them. Anyway, Matt Smith nails it.

Wee Amelia Pond is amazing. I love her to death. I secretly want her as a companion then. Yes, this would NOT be a good thing for the Doctor to do. I feel like she could hold her own on the Tardis.

Even the grown up Amy Pond is pretty cool. She can do things on her own without really getting into trouble (for now), she isn’t irritating (for now), and she is an overall likable person (for now).

I love the plot of this episode. To me it was really creative and fast paced.

My favorite part was when the Doctor was explaining how Earth was protected. The flashbacks of the previous Doctors was awesome. It was really well done and is one of the reasons I rated this episode so high.


The use of Rory’s character is really unnecessary. They could have made him a random person that Amy doesn’t know. I like Rory. He is funny to me. I hate that they use him as the bumbling idiotic boyfriend. He is Mickey. Why is there a need for a Mickey? To add drama? Yup. It is so obvious too. It is really disappointing.


This episode was so close to having a 10. I was even going to overlook Rory. I really was. They just had to mess it up with the ending. You know Amy could have just gone off with the Doctor. It had been two years. Things happen between people and they break up. This is what should have been with Amy and Rory. Oh, but then there would have been no love triangle. BOOORRINNG!! Add the wedding dress!! Now that adds pizzaz!

Even though the ending was a total bomb, I still managed to really love this episode. I am excited to see what is in store for the rest of the season. (I am acting like I don’t know)