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The End of Time Part 2- Negative Infinity/10

This was by far the most drawn out episode I have ever witnessed in my whole entire life. I have never seen an episode in a show that has just stretched scenes out with drama and unnecessary fluff. 




Each scene in this episode could have been cut by a good five minutes. The laser scene, the Doctor choosing who to shoot, don’t get me started on when the Doctor has a hissy fit. 

I don’t understand why they decided to dwell on some of the aspects of this episode. The arc itself was already boring to me from the start. Going into this second part I was already tired of the story. At least I don’t have to deal with the 10th Doctor anymore.

I had to skip over him having a hissy about having to sacrifice himself to save Wilfred. It was so out of character to me. Not only did he have a hissy, he had it in front of Wilfred. Even if the Doctor tells him it is alright, he is still going to feel guilty over that. Since when has the Doctor been so narcissistic?

The whole ending was horrible as well. I had to skip over that part as well. I have seen it before and I remember wanting to puke when it got to Rose.

My eyes need a break from all the rolling they have done. My brain needs a break from all the crap it has had to endure. On to the sixth series. Thank Glob I am done with the 10th Doctor. Hate me all you want, I am happy.